Meeting of Waters

Meeting of Waters is a Citizen Art NGO committed to building a healthy “human-water" relationship through art. Initiated by Charlotte Qin during her art residency in Geneva in 2021, the community shared a common vision that is to shape "water consciousness” worldwide by raising awareness about water issues concerning climate change, governance, and the ecological paradigm in the civic society. 

As an organisation, we deliver high-quality performative experience through participatory methods to educate, communicate about current water issues globally and to generate authentic affects in the public viewers so as to bring the public closer emotionally to the natural element. Our creation are held in public, in private free-entry events, as well as at international conferences for water, including the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York, USA and COP28 in Dubai, UAE. 

Our initiative has won the “Water Challenge Award” at the Swiss Water Partnership in 2021, and was selected as a finalist for the Commonwealth Youth Awards in 2023.