Meet the Oceans

9.6.2022, Geneva, Switzerland

Nature, which is muted in our human stories, always stays in the background of important negotiations concerning ecological justice and climate change. Our live performance series (on glaciers & oceans) aims to challenge the passive role of “nature” in political, scientific conversations, whose existence is to be taken and transformed into useful resources, and to transform that by giving the active voice to nature through embodied story-telling. Following our first experience with "Meet the Glaciers" (organised on March 8, 2022), the conversation of "Meet the Ocean" brings together the five oceans of the planet –– the Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Southern Ocean –– each represented by a passionate water professional, sharing the concerns, emotions, and wisdom which an ocean carries in today’s world.

About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water. It breeds the oldest forms of life on the planet and the greatest mysteries to humans. Being such a large and crucial component of our environment, oceans are not given enough attention. Despite several water bodies require our attention now more than ever, the oceans are what most of them culminate into. The live performance integrates story-telling, experiential group process, live experimentation, and aesthetic-sonic rendering to generate authentic affects and meanings in the public viewers. The circular format of the performance simulates the “fireplace” which holds intimate conversations about urgent issues that threaten our existence, encouraging the audience to surrender themselves to the senses and to fully experience the emotions that come through the collective releasing.

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